Pilates : for whom,
why, how?

Are you considering taking Pilates classes in Forest and would you like to learn more about this activity? By reading what follows, you will certainly be convinced of its many advantages. This discipline is accessible to everyone and can be adapted to all levels. It strengthens your body on the surface as well as in depth, the result is surprising!

Control, agility and flexibility

The Pilates method is a system of physical exercises practiced on a mat, with props or with the help of apparatuses. It was developed at the beginning of the 20th century by a sports and body enthusiast, who gave it its name. Pilates exercises develop the deep muscles, soften the joints and balance the muscles.

Maintain, improve or restore physical functions

The idea consists of concentrating on the central muscles that are involved in postural balance and the maintenance of the spine. By means of specific exercises, we try to strengthen muscles that are too weak and to relax muscles that are too tight. This is done with the following in mind:

  • the rhythm of the breath during the execution of the movements;
  • the proper alignment of the spine;
  • the maintenance of good general posture.

The basics

Just like yoga, it is a discipline that places great importance on breathing. We adopt the so-called "thoracic" breathing (contracted abdominal belt), to stabilize the chest and pelvis during the exercises. The practice also requires:

  • concentration (a well-performed exercise is preferred over many poorly-performed reps);
  • control of movement (controlling one's body, not being subjected to it);
  • centering (implies a perfect position of the spine);
  • precision of movement and fluidity (allows harmony in the movements).

Both physical and physiological benefits

This sports technique makes it possible to:

  • fight against stress;
  • fight against muscle and joint tension;
  • gain strength and endurance;
  • develop flexibility and lengthen the spine;
  • correct posture.

Regular practice strengthens the abdominals, buttocks, back and deep muscles. This prevents knee, back and hip problems. It is the ideal technique to relieve joint, lumbago and sciatic pain.

Is this something for you?

Men or women, sporty or not, Pilates classes are for everyone. Indeed, the method is progressive and adaptable to the level, needs and possible pathologies of each person. It is beneficial for everyone: back pain can be relieved, the stomach can be strengthened, the body becomes stronger and more supple.

The movements of sportsmen become more effective, because they are better controlled. The risk of injury or muscular imbalance is thus reduced. For example, Cirque du Soleil acrobats include Pilates in their training.

In practice

The sessions are based on a sequence of exercises that are practiced on the floor on a mat, hence the name "Matwork". Other exercises can be performed on specific apparatuses:

  •  the Reformer;
  •  the Cadillac;
  •  the Flesh;
  •  the Barrels;
  •  the Spine Corrector.

These apparatuses were invented by Joseph Pilates to adapt Matwork exercises to injured people. They were designed to aid movement and facilitate the acquisition of sensations.

Don't hesitate to come and visit us in our centre in Forest to find out more! You can also contact us by e-mail or telephone for information about our yoga classes, among other things.

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